About Us


Soul Horse Creative is a culmination of the passionate pursuits of a  horse-crazed little girl turned horse-crazed adult. With almost a quarter century of passionate dedication to the equine industry, our founder has the experience and soul of a true equestrian. She believes  that her love for the sport and the equine athletes behind it gives her a unique perspective and valuable insight to what other equestrians value above all... Their soul horses.


With a mind for words and an eye for  images, we hope to bring the two together in a collaboration that proves stronger than the sum of its two parts. "Fairytails" brings this  concept to life by telling the intimate story of a horse and its person in a way that conveys emotion and authenticity.


By capturing moments that are specific  and personal, yet relatable, it is our goal to provide you with a  beautiful way to honor your soul horse and to share your very own dream come true with friends and relatives for years to come.

Still want to know more?

Well, as a child, I always liked stories.

I liked to read them, I liked writing them, I liked listening to them.

As an only child, I even liked acting them out in the woods behind my house.

I was creative, and I was intrigued by them, but between riding lessons and horse shows, story telling became an idle passion. 

As I continued to grow and thrive, I began to nurture this gift and found it an endless source of inspiration and wonder.

Some of my earliest memories are of stories and books.

Picture books satiated me, but I preferred classic fairytales and epic myths.

The deeper, more vivid and complex, the better. 

I understood early on that there was an importance in the details.

I've also always been mesmerized by photographs.

Their ability to capture a moment, a feeling, a relationship. The history they remind us of so vividly.

But also, I realized something about their importance. 

Though maybe unable to discuss it then, I could feel how important they are to us.

Stories and images. Important to us as individuals, as a culture, and as human beings.

Something timeless and in a way universal. Emotion, memory, hope, identity.

There are some things about our world that can't be explained in picture or word alone...

Somehow I always knew there was a need for both to work together to even come close.

For them to play off one another.

Like the beauty of a single instrument enhanced by the sound of the rest of the orchestra.

So... with the equal passion and importance I place on our equine companions, I felt it only right to merge the two.

Words + Images

...in an attempt to capture the essence of what we are when we are with them.



Over 20 years of being an Equestrian

Experience:  hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, cross country, fox hunting, polo, showing, natural horsemanship, etc.

Editing experience - words & images

Previous employment as the Editor and Contributing Writer for Florida Equestrian Magazine


As an online English tutor and freelance writer

A Bachelors Degree in Social Science

Educated in psychology, sociology, and anthropology, especially as they relate to behavior.


A true love for horses and the relationships we form with them.


Have had both written and visual works published at varying levels.